About Us

Fresh CTC Teas Right At Your Doorstep!

  • Welcome To Shreeniwas Tea! We strive to be the best Tea Wholesaler, Auction Buyer and Tea Advisor, we help everyone relish collection of tea leaves. We have a tea garden is famous helps everyone around the world to have the finest cups of tea which is unbeatable anytime, anywhere!
  • We have been the most reliable and professional tea consultant in India. Our prime motive has always been to delight our tea lovers with impeccable flavors which can make their day right away with a sip of it. Our tea brings in a lot of enticing mystery which is refreshing enough to give you the experience of Good Morning with just one sip.

Our Mission

We being the most reliable wholesale tea supplier in India are working with a mission to make sure that each and every person becomes a tea lover because of the lovely essence it brings in to the life. You will never ever feel disappointed with the quality of our tea leaves which has its own history and charm.

Our Values

Darjeeling tea is what people crave for around the world and we being its largest producer will make sure it exceeds your expectations big time. Our iconic gardens are a treat to eye and our work process to ensure its authenticity will never leave you disappointed. We follow all the environmental compliances and accreditations to maintain the quality of its hygiene and safety.

Using Best Facilities

To bring out the best of products, we make sure the best of approach and facilities is followed. Yes, we initiate the best of route which can produce top-quality tea to make sure that it gives more than required to your taste buds. All our facilities are quality approved and will make sure that the tea produced is as per the safety standards.

Our heritage showcases the brand we are and how we still strive hard to maintain the standard we have set for our service. We take a lot of pride in bringing you the best of orthodox teas which is blended and heralded by connoisseurs and blenders alike. We believe in providing quality assistance and our employees are our reason for growth and success.

We take complete responsibility for our environments and communities and make sure that it is benefited in the best possible way. So, do not hesitate and connect with our experts now to avail the best of teas for your needs.